Richard D. Margiano, PLLC Attorney

Years of experience resolving the many legal issues faced by sellers on

Focus on running your business and leave the legal issues to me.  If other merchants are: 

  • Selling different products on your listings;
  • Selling below MAP or unauthorized;
  • Using your brand or images without your permission;
  • Hijacking your ASINs; or
  • If you have account or ASIN suspensions -

I'm here to help.  I handle these and many other typical issues every day and succeed where others fail.

Richard D. Margiano, Esq.

More About Richard D. Margiano

Educational Background and Work Experience

​​​Because I had the highest grades in my class I was the only student in my class to win a full academic scholarship and to “grade on” to the prestigious Law Review at St. John’s University School of Law in New York City. 

Since 1993, I have worked on only patent, trademark, and copyright law, I am not a generalist.

After law school I joined a prestigious international law firm in New York City, White & Case, LLP, where I worked with some of the top e-commerce attorneys in the U.S. on many high value transactional and litigation matters representing large multinational corporations.

Richard D. Margiano, PLLC

I began the law firm, Richard D. Margiano, PLLC, in 2010, and since that time have focused almost exclusively on E-Commerce issues, in particular legal issues relating to selling on

I am an attorney licensed in Federal and State Courts in the United States of America, including in New York.

Richard D. Margiano, PLLC is a private law firm registered in New York State and has no affiliation with or any other company or third party.

Comprehensive Strategy

  • I will help resolve all of your issues.
  • I will provide a comprehensive strategy including creating stronger product detail pages, advice re branding, and procuring the trademark, copyright and patent protection necessary to protect your business.
  • I will draft the agreements you need to protect your business, including Reseller Agreements, MAP Agreements, license agreements and more.

Other U.S. and International E-Commerce Sites

  • Amazon in Canada
  • Amazon in the UK
  • I have also succeeded helping many of my clients with issues on eBay, Sears, Bonanza, Walmart, Overstock, DHgate and more. 

Cost Effective, Reasonable and Practical Solutions

  • My overhead costs are very low and this enables me to charge you less.  No fancy office or bloat that other attorneys charge you for.
  • I use lower cost highly-trained legal assistants when I can, this saves you money.
  • The larger the project, the more efficient and the more you save.
  • Because I work on Amazon issues every day I work very efficiently. 
  • I succeed where others fail, but don't take my word for it - ask my clients.

Personal Interests

  • I am a private pilot with over 1,000 hours as pilot in command. I bought my first airplane, a very small Piper Cherokee 140, in 1999.
  • I am an advanced scuba diver and have enjoyed hundreds of dives all over the world.
  • And yes, the Tiger in the photo (below) is real.

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